On-Site Training

Learn How To Be A Process Server From A Process Server

On-Site process server training is held at our office in Sacramento California

Our on-site process server training program is normally held at our office located at 2386 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA  95825.  The training program can be for one person or a small group.

Topics covered in the process server training include:

  • How do I becoming Registered Process Server in California?
  • What are the requirements to be a Process Server in California
  • What is the Registration Process and where do I obtain my bond?
  • How To Set Up Your Process Serving Business
  • Process Server Systems Needed To Run Your Business
  • How Much To Charge For Process Service
  • How To Get Clients with internet marketing videos?
  • How To create a process server website for your business
  • Process Server Niche Marketing.
  • How To Dominate Your Local Market
  • PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising Tips
  • How To Automate your process server business
  • How To Skip Trace and Charge More Money
  • Courthouse Money Tips - How To Make Money Going To Court.
  • Cold Calling Leads
  • Keyword Marketing for Process Server Business
  • Facebook Marketing for Process Server
  • Google Adwords Advertising for Process Server Business
  • Bing Ads Advertising for Process Server Business
  • Case Studies…. Watch us set up and market a process server businesses online.
  • How To Get Your process service business listed on Google
  • How To Get Your process service business listed on Yelp
  • Proper service of ‘Order of Examination’ and possible Criminal penalties to the Process Server if document is NOT served properly.
  • How To setup a process server website.
  • Process Server Laws and Licensing requirements by state

You will need a laptop with wireless internet access via wifi or your cell phone network.